Great Basement Finishing Ideas For Your Home

basement finishing ideas

Great Basement Finishing Ideas For Your Home

You have probably thought about putting in a basement at one time or another and done some preliminary work. It could have been to make the house more convenient, increase the home value or because you had a need for additional living space. In any case, you likely had a list of basement finishing ideas in mind that you really liked. You may even have made plans to turn your basement into an entertainment room, game room, kitchen or recreation room! Regardless of why you wanted a basement project done, you have likely come up with at least some of the possible designs for basements that you can consider now.

Basement finishing ideas come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them may sound very simple, but others may seem like they would be more complex than they really are. And, of course, you can always take one of your basement idea and build upon it to make it something more desirable and functional. Here are a few basement finishing ideas that may appeal to you:

First, you might want to consider the possibility of waterproofing your basement. One of the most common reasons that basements get wet is because they are either located below or behind a house, such as in a basement next to a second floor apartment or condominium. Waterproofing basement walls by means of basement windows can be a great way to end the moisture problem. If you are going to go through the trouble of putting in new windows, you should make sure that you pick a good-quality and durable window that will properly fit into the opening in your wall panels. You can also consider installing an exhaust fan over the opening to keep excess humidity away from your basement.

Another basement finishing system involves the use of a special anti-microbial mold solution. This is usually applied on the outside of the walls, around windows and doors, and even on the ceiling of a basement room. If you apply it to the interior of wall panels, you can eliminate the need for mold removal contractors and save yourself some money and time. You can also go so far as to apply it to your drywall. This will cut down on the mold and mildew that inevitably form after long periods of time in a basement.

You can also make use of a basement finishing system that will make your basement appear larger than it is. For instance, if you have a large room upstairs, you can line it up with sliding glass doors and plant flowers on the side or rear of the doors. These small things can really add charm to a basement and make it seem more like a large open space. Also, if you have a large and heavily stained basement, consider painting it in white. This contrast will draw the eye down the stairs and make the area appear smaller.

Finally, basement finishing ideas often involve bringing in additional storage. One of the best places for this type of addition is a closet, especially one that is fitted with overhead cabinets and a wall mounted hutch. Additional storage will allow you to keep your lawn tools out of the basement and away from where children and pets will tend to play. If you are handy, you can add small cupboards along the walls that are capable of fitting basic items such as spools of thread and plastic containers. When you are finished, your basement will appear much bigger and will be just the perfect place for an extra bedroom, workshop or office.

There are many other basement finishing ideas that will allow you to make your basement as unique as possible. If you choose to go with hardwood floors, why not go with redwood or cedar? There are plenty of other great woods that will work well in this type of environment as well.

If you follow these simple basement finishing ideas and do it correctly, you can increase the value of your home and enjoy it year round. It’s hard to explain exactly how much money you can add to your property when you are talking about remodeling a room of your house, but you will find that if you go all out and purchase high quality materials, your basement finishing project will pay for itself quickly. When you are finished, you will have an authentic-looking room in your home that will be enjoyed by your family members for years to come!