Franklin Connecticut Homes for Sale

Franklin Connecticut

Franklin Connecticut Homes for Sale

Franklin Connecticut is a picturesque town in New London County, Connecticut. The population was just 1,922 in the 2021 census. The city has the charming village of North Franklin. The village was established in 1630. The Franklin school district educates many of the residents.

The second largest town is New London. New London is the home of Yale University and Harvard University. It is also the headquarters for the CT labor union. The state capital is in Washington, D. C.

The state capital is packed with history and culture. You will also find numerous smaller towns such as New Berlin, Connecticut which was incorporated in 1812 and became the state’s seat and capital. The state capital is also the site of the state Capitol Building. You can see many historic sites and monuments. There are a few National Parks in Connecticut.

You can also enjoy outdoor activities, dining and shopping in Franklin Connecticut. There are many outdoor recreational areas such as the Connecticut Wild Gardens and the Connecticut Zoo. At the Garden State Park you can walk along the beach and view alligators and other wildlife. If you want to shop, there are three large malls that offer a variety of specialty shops and gift shops.

When it comes to entertainment, Franklin has several options. The state parks have an abundance of nature trails where you can biking and horseback riding. The state zoo offers many different types of exhibits and programs. Water plays an important role in the state’s tourism because tourists often rent boats to enjoy the river tours.

The state parks have canoe and kayak rentals, hunting and fishing, swimming, tennis, ice skating, hiking, horseback riding, bicycling, golf and baseball. The Connecticut Zoo offers four different family attractions. There are theocrinologist, otolaryngologist, ecologist and a vivarium.

Besides the various recreational activities, Franklin Connecticut also offers some excellent educational opportunities. The state university offers two of the top schools in the country – the Franklin College of Medicine and the Medical Institute of Connecticut. The college offers online courses for doctorate degrees in dentistry, nursing and medicine. The school has a campus in New London. Other schools that are available include the University of Connecticut School of Law and Quinnipiac University.

When it comes to business, Franklin has several professional organizations. There are the American Society of Security Executives and the Connecticut Business & Trade Association. The city also has several chambers of commerce, which offers professional networking, business advice and seminars.

The city of Bristol is also just a short drive away. It is a wealthy city with several professional colleges and learning institutions. There are many state parks and historic sites to see. You can also enjoy the fine dining and shopping at the Bristol Mall. The Mall offers four distinct stores, five movie theaters, two fast food restaurants and multiple dining options.

The city of New Britain offers entertainment. They have numerous theaters and satellite television channels. It has two professional hockey teams.

While you are in New Britain, you can visit the John F. Kennedy International Airport. This airport was designed for small air travel. You can pick up your baggage at the terminal and walk straight to the airplane. There are several hotels in New Britain and some of them offer a complimentary breakfast each morning.

The state of Connecticut is a rich state filled with culture and heritage. You can go to several Shakespeare performances in the state capitol. The state offers many cultural festivals and traveling events. You can see fall displays at the Connecticut Botanical Garden or you can go to the annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

You can also see whales at the Connecticut River Zoo. You can shop in the state’s largest mall. Many theaters in the state to host musical events and film shows. The Winter Games in Connecticut is a popular event in January. Some of the games include the ice hockey tournament, the high school hockey championship and the pumpkin and chocolate cake contest.