Find Out About Sherman Connecticut

Sherman is the least populated and northernmost city of Fairfield County, Connecticut. The population was only 3,581 in the 2021 census. The city was built in eighteen 1902 from the north side of New Fairfield. This was a farm and grazing ground for a number of Custer’s cattle. Over the years the city has expanded to include a greater number of residential and commercial buildings.

The city is about an hour and forty-five minutes drive from New York City, and about an hour thirty-five minute drive from Connecticut City, which is a city within a city. The closest airport is in New London. This is forty-five miles from New York City and about one hundred fifty miles from Connecticut City, which is a town within a city. People commute to New York on a daily basis, and more than three million people live in this area. Some of the largest employers in the city are Verizon Communications, which is also the largest telephone company in the State of Connecticut.

There are a couple of entertainment venues in the city as well. Connecticut Broad Symphony Orchestra and the Celebrations Music Theater are located in Sherman. The city also has three professional ice skating rinks and one roller rink. There are three professional football teams, two hockey teams and two basketball teams.

The average age of the residents of Sherman is 48 years old. This city is the largest with a population of about eight hundred and sixty. Most of the residents of the city are white and about half are married. Most of the jobs in the city are located in the downtown area.

About forty percent of the people in Sherman have a college degree. This is the largest city to be included in Harvard University’s graduate school directory. This city also has the largest number of doctors per capita than any other city in Connecticut.

There are numerous clubs and organizations in the city. This includes the West Haven Association of Scientists and Engineers. It has a summer program called the Connecticut Science Festival. There is also a chamber of commerce in the city.

Sherman is very close to the New Haven connection on the state line. It is about a three hour drive to New Haven and back. This is convenient for those that would like to work in the area and shop in the city as well. There is an abundance of employment in this city.

Sherman is also close to the larger cities of Connecticut such as New London and Connecticut City. The closest major airport is at New London. This will get a visitor into the city and into the business atmosphere. This is the largest city in Connecticut and is a good place for a family vacation or a trip to see a cultural community of the East Coast.

This city was named after General Sherman, a US Army officer who crossed the Delaware River and fought in the Civil War. The population of the city is over thirty-two thousand. Sherman is the county seat of Washington County. This is a very rural area because it is bordered by the Connecticut River and the New Hampshire border. There are two tolls on the highway that go through this city.

There is a museum in this city that contains four hundred and fifty photos. This is a great attraction for a city that is very popular with tourists. This city is about a three hour drive to New London and a short rail ride to Boston. This is the largest city in the city of New London. Sherman is also close to New York City and Rhode Island.

This is located in the northwest part of Connecticut. The largest industry in the city of New London is tourism. This area of Connecticut is also where the United States Constitution was born. It is also the oldest city in the state of Connecticut.

This is a very beautiful city. There are a lot of historical places to see and a lot of beautiful gardens. Sherman is a vibrant city that is full of energy.