Family Vacation Ideas – Lebanon Connecticut

Lebanon Connecticut is a city in Connecticut, United States located on the banks of the Connecticut River. The city was first settled by Irish and Dutch immigrants who settled in what is now Connecticut City, but the population has always been changing due to changes in boundaries, settlements, and other factors. Today, the population has been growing steadily and it is one of the fastest growing cities in Connecticut.

Lebanon Connecticut

DescriptionLebanese is a region in Connecticut, United States surrounding New London. The city is located to the southwest of New London, right near the Connecticut River. The settlement is strategically located near critical arteries that serve New London and New York City. The city is considered to be a gateway between the Eastern Seaboard and the Western Seaboard, and shares a border with Rhode Island, and with Westchester and Connecticut counties.

The City of Lebanon is a beautiful city. The riverfront walks, parks, public gardens, and museums will astound you. One of the most recent additions to this long history is the Lebanon Water Company which uses reclaimed water to operate their power plant. This plant will provide electricity to the city. Many people visit the city for its beautiful scenery and the shopping opportunities that are available.

The architecture in this area is exquisite. The City of Lebanon was one of the first cities to convert to a Christian majority rule. One of the first churches built in the city is St. John’s Catholic Church. This church was designed by famed architect Rembrandt Teyngarth. Other notable buildings include Our Lady of Rome Church and the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church.

A very popular destination with tourists is the Bethpage State Park. This park contains hiking trails, picnic areas, swimming beaches, boating areas, nature trails, and it is also home to a bird sanctuary. A beautiful grove of trees can be found here that was cut almost thirty years ago. It is still one of the only remaining natural groves of this type in New England. This is just one more reason why this park is such a sought after destination.

Many families enjoy a stay at the Lebanon Lighthouse, which is the oldest lighthouse in New England. At one time the lighthouse was used by the British. It has been restored and offers tours of the interior and exterior. This is one attraction that many families want to see. Many events take place at this location throughout the year.

A little over an hour from Lebanon is the town of Greenwich, which is also home to many interesting history and culture. The city has a rich history that includes trips to the Anti-FA concentration camp during World War II. There is also the oldest ferry in the nation. This ferry runs between the towns of Greenwich and Bridgetown. This ferry has tours of the coastline on which it travels. There is also a replica of King David’s fortress just off the harbor to tour.

If you are looking for a way to get your family from point A to point B then consider driving down to New London. Here you will find the John Hancock Tower. This tower is one of the largest in the world. You can also visit the Science Museum. Here you will see many wonderful things that will take your mind off the excitement of being there. Being there and enjoying all that New London has to offer is something that any member of your family can enjoy.

To make sure that you do not miss all that Waterbury has to offer, make sure that you check out its famous Waterbury Racecourse. The course is designed to give you a feel that you have been to many other races in the area. The water is filled with rocks and the courses are made of wood. There is often a draw near the river for hikers and bikers. During the summer months there are often music and fireworks.

Of course you cannot leave your vacation plans without checking out the New London Riverfront. You can walk down the river and enjoy the many shops and restaurants. You can find a great spot for swimming and a great restaurant. You will see many tourists come to take in the view. There are many events held in the area. Check out the Lebanon Connecticut Railroad and learn about the past and present of this railroad.

If you love history then you should plan your next family vacation to the Tri State Area. This area offers many different things to do. You can spend time at the New London Historical Society or you could go to Fairfield Village. Fairfield Village offers entertainment, dining, and shopping. You can also find some beautiful homes on sale in this area.