Facts About the Town of Essex Connecticut

Essex Connecticut

Facts About the Town of Essex Connecticut

Essex Connecticut is a small city in Middlesex County, Connecticut. The city is made up of six neighborhoods: Essex Village, Centerbrook, East Orange, Folsom Street, Hingham, and Ivoryton. The average age is 35 years and the number of people per household is approximately 700. The city is the commonest place for ethnic minorities in the state of Connecticut.

The city of Essex is bordered by New Jersey on two sides and by Rhode Island on the west. It is bordered by New Hampshire on the south and Massachusetts to the north. The city is located on the Susquehatchie River and the Connecticut River. The two rivers give this part of Connecticut its greatest water resources. Essex is considered to be in the greater region of other places in the mid-range of other places in the regional area.

The people of Essex Connecticut are primarily divided into five ethnic groups namely: Dutch, German, Irish, Lithuanian, and Polish. The city of Essex Connecticut has also been settled by several waves of immigration. Some of the immigrants came from Germany and joined the German population who were living in the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam. The first Polish settlers came to America from the Polish lands in what is now Poland. Other immigrants came from Ireland and joined the Irish population who were living in the towns of Westchester and Brentwood.

An important fact about this town is that it has been the venue of a number of legendary events such as the Battle of Alcazar. Several legendary events happened here in the past including the Capture of Fort Lee, capture of Burgoyne’s stronghold, capture of Americas’ first New England fort and the capture of Monmouth. There is a popular inn there called the Ship Inn on the River Street where several events took place.

There was a time when a famous captain by the name of Francis Scott Key was born in this town. He was the son of a very rich family. Several years later in 1690 an event known as the “capture of New Amsterdam” occurred in this town and it was said that this event caused a great disturbance in the Williamsburg colony. During this raid, the Williamsburg citizens were said to have killed fifty-two Dutchmen in the span of one day. During the “capture of Amsterdam”, a group of English prisoners escaped to this inn where they lived for over two months.

It was through this connection with the famous Captain Peter Swift that the “Master of the American Colonies” got in touch with the Duke of Wellesley. He asked permission to build an inn in the town to provide protection to the settlers during their transit from Holland to Boston. This was later known as the Wellesley House, which is still standing to this day. In addition, the famous poet and playwright Colley Burns lived in the town of Essex Connecticut with his wife until he went on to write one of the most famous works of literature in the world – “The Heart of Darkness.”

The present-day Wellesley House serves as the county seat of the town of Essex Connecticut. In addition to this, the present-day Wellesley College is located in the center of this major town. Also, at this point in time, the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth is located in this county. Two other colleges in the area of Essex Connecticut are the College of Saint Ann and the College of Harvard. Both of these colleges are considered as top ranked universities by the US Department of Education. All of these factors combine to make this an excellent location to live and study.

This is just a small overview of the many facts related to the town of Essex Connecticut. If you would like to learn more about this wonderful region, then you may want to visit the official Essex County website. Within this website you will find the town of Essex, maps, videos, and many other helpful information regarding this region. There is also a free public library for anyone who wishes to take a look around. The three villages that make up this region are historical towns that have been around for centuries, a thriving town center, a great place for family fun and games, and a beautiful location for a weekend getaway.