Facts About Southbury Connecticut

Southbury, Connecticut is located about thirty minutes west of New Haven and has a population of nearly 19,000. Southbury is located on the border of Connecticut and Rhode Island and is a commuter town to New York City. It is considered to be one of the quietest towns in the state. People come to Southbury for jobs because of its excellent employment opportunities in the scientific, technology, and medical fields. Many well-known scientists and inventors have lived in Southbury including: Helen Scott Jobs, Wendell Holmes, Louis Pasteur, and Sir Richard Branson. This small town has preserved its historic culture and retains many of its old buildings and landscapes.

Southbury Connecticut

In the last five years or so, southbury Connecticut has one of the highest percentages of foreign residents of any city in the entire state of Connecticut. According to the latest census figures, southbury ranks third in the state for percentage of foreign population. People from countries such as Italy, Germany, Russia, and Spain have all made their home in Southbury. There are a number of high-paying jobs in this town that attract many people to live in this part of CT.

The average household income in southbury Connecticut is over six hundred dollars per year. This amount of income is much higher than the national average of about four hundred dollars per year. This means that families here do not have to worry about ever being left out of the national conversation about the economy. southbury also has less than most other places in the metro area and is ranked at the number twenty position in the overall category of population density. This means that there are plenty of people living in this small town of CT.

The next thing we will find out about southbury Connecticut is what it depicts about the neighborhood. The figure says that it has a thirty-three percent of single person households. This means that it is very rare to find a household with more than one person. It is also a bit surprising that the figure for the foreign population is over thirty percent, which is much higher than the national average of fifteen percent. The high number of foreign inhabitants in the town is good news for those of you who want to purchase or rent a home in Southbury.

When looking at the figure on the percentage of foreign population, you will notice that it is significantly higher than the national average. It may be interesting to note that this statistic only represents the foreign population that is not born in the United States, but has lived here for six months or more. The population statistics that you are looking at will not reflect any immigrants that may have come to the country through an international border. You can learn more about the figures on the southbury Connecticut real estate market by visiting any of the websites that are available.

If you would like to know what does this figure mean, you can read on to find out. The figure indicates that almost thirty percent of the residents of Southbury Connecticut have at least one foreign-born child. It is also interesting to note that this percentage is much lower than the national average. There are a variety of reasons as to why there is such a high number of foreign-born individuals living in Southbury Connecticut. One of these reasons is that the foreign countries in which they originate have high immigration rates. Another reason is that they can be given birth in Southbury Connecticut and still live there with their family.

Southbury Connecticut offers a number of things for residents of all income levels. The place has a low unemployment rate, which makes it one of the more affordable cities to live in. The median income in Southbury Connecticut is around sixty-seven thousand dollars. This figure is much lower than the national average. However, Southbury Connecticut offers some of the finest private schools in the entire country.

When you live in the town of southbury, you will not far away from the New York City area. Since the area is so close to New York City, you will get to see many people every day who commute to work in New York City. Some of these people may include friends or family members who are living nearby. By looking into a southbury training school, you will be able to get some good jobs in the city of southbury.