Facts About Norfolk Connecticut

Norfolk, Connecticut is a cosmopolitan city in Litchfield County, Connecticut. The population in 2021 was 1,715, making it the second largest city in the county. The major urban area of the city is the Norfolk city designated as a city-paradise, with a population of 580 at the last count. Here are some facts about this interesting city.

Norfolk Connecticut

The city of Norfolk Connecticut is located on the banks of the Norfolk River and the shores of Cape Cod. It is bordered by New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The city is close to Boston and the Eastern seaboard. A drive through downtown Norfolk gives one an amazing view of American history. A few of its highlights are the Town Point Park, the pier, the waterfront, the village green, and the naval museum.

Houses in the downtown area are often constructed on what are considered the colonial row homes. These homes have beautiful architectural features such as detailed carvings and hand-carved wood. The western Connecticut school district is known for its rich culture and progressive school policies. Norfolk schools include Tidewater Middle School and Williamstown High School. The University of Norfolk also offers programs for adults.

The Royal Arcanum Building is the tallest building in the city and it has the tallest office building in eastern CT. The building has an unusual design: three floors that resemble and glass box that stands on a column at the top of the building. The columns are made of translucent glass. This building was designed by architecturally famous John Lawrence Sullivan, who is responsible for the designing of other buildings in Norfolk including the state capitol.

The pediment, or triangular shaped column, is one of the most distinctive features of this famous edifice. Construction on this edifice began in 1693 and it was completed in just under one year later. Because of its unique construction of the building is sometimes referred to as the Royal Arcanum Building or the Queen Anne Pediment.

An interesting history is that the original purpose of this pediment was to provide protection from vagrants. In addition, it is thought to be the oldest frame building west of the New England border, according to the Norfolk newspaper. Today, the building is open to the public and can be seen at various events. It is also included in the annual “Green Festival” held in Norfolk every May.

Many important landmarks are located within walking distance of the Royal Arcanum Building including the Historic Norfolk Public Library and the Norfolk State House. The Norfolk Historical Society also has a large number of interesting sites including the Ancient Order of St. John and the Cathedral of St. Lawrence. A walking tour of downtown Norfolk takes visitors back in time to the tumultuous era of our nation’s founding.

Shopping for handcrafted furniture, vintage items, antiques, art and flowers can be arranged right in front of the building from many local vendors. There are a large number of fine dining restaurants within walking distance as well as many bars and clubs for relaxation and entertainment. Many of the Norfolk hotels are modern and comfortable with many offering scenic views of the waterfront. No matter what your interest is in this beautiful city, you can find a luxury hotel or charming Norfolk condominium to fulfill your desires.

The town of Norfolk Connecticut is known for its rich culture, arts, cuisine and its natural beauty. The central village, historic center, and waterfront areas are filled with history and beauty. The east side of the city is considered to be the “green” side of Norfolk. This side features an abundance of gardens, parks, historic landmarks and wonderful green spaces.

The “Queen Anne’s Lace” or Queen Anne’s Island is located on the west side of the city along the strand that flows into Sandown Neck in the Sound. This is the location of the capital city of Norfolk and is known for its historic nature as well as being home to numerous theaters and cultural events. Two-story buildings are abundant in the center of town including the county seat of Bristol and a large brownstone’s church. The town of Albemarle is also home to a large public park and beautiful gardens.

The downtown area features many restaurants, stores, hotels and other establishments. There are numerous plazas and statues that surround the historic arcanum building. Several historic arcanum buildings can be seen inside. One of these buildings is the original Woolworth’s, which was located in the middle of the road in front of the marina. Today, the Woolworth’s remains the same and has been transformed into a popular restaurant in the area.