Enjoying a Cruise Through the Connecticut River

Deep River is a charming town in Middlesex County, Connecticut. The last time I was in the area, I was staying with a family in New Jersey and they had rented a house there for six months. I took a ride on the train that goes to Connecticut from New York City to go see this small town. This is a picturesque little town with a beautiful river and a busy downtown shopping area.

Deep River Connecticut

The population was only 4,629 in the 2020 census. The town center is designated by the U.S. Census Bureau to be a census-designated geographical location. Deep River CT happens to be on the boundary of the state of Connecticut and New York City. Many families visit this small town of just over two hundred thousand people every single year. Many who live in the area vacation every chance they get to go to Deep River CT and enjoy the warm summer weather thaticut has to offer.

Traveling by train can be a boring experience but if you have the time to drive then it makes for an awesome adventure. The train leaves from New York City through New England and goes on to New Jersey. The New York Harbor Bridge is where the train comes in contact with the water of the Essex river. The view from there is something that you do not want to miss. You will see a large number of houses with out door living as well as a larger number of buildings that were made to look like bridges.

If you take the commuter rail from New Jersey to Connecticut then you will arrive in New London. In this city you will see the Concrete Wall, which is the oldest building on the East Coast. From New London you can travel to New York City via commuter rail or take a cab to your hotel. You can visit the world famous Chesapeake Bay bridge. If you are an avid skier then the National Bridge Park is an outdoor adventure that you will not want to miss.

Deep River, Connecticut has lots to offer both in the way of activities and scenery. One of the most beautiful features of this park is the “Queen Anne’s Lace” a historic narrow-gauge steamboat. You can take a historic tour of the boat’s restoration project. The middlesex county government has preserved over one hundred and fifty boats that were used during the Revolution and the Civil War.

This park consists of nine square miles and covers approximately one hundred thousand acres. There are many hiking trails as well as nature programs that the whole family can enjoy. Many people come here for the beauty found within the deep river valleys. There are also beautiful gardens and landscapes that surround the area.

The state of Connecticut is full of places to see and things to do. If you are looking to be close to New York City then you may want to consider a cruise through the Connecticut River. Deep River will take you through some of the cities that border New York such as Hartford and New London. There are also boat tours of the Connecticut River that will take you on a tour of the five lakes that make up the state of Connecticut.

A little over an hour north of Saybrook colony you will find Lyme. Lyme is another beautiful place and famous for its bed and breakfast accommodations. These hotels provide all of the accommodations necessary for a vacation. Many of these hotels will offer things like free hot breakfast, daily paper, internet access, private showers and more. It is easy to see that the Connecticut river offers more than just the Deep River; there are many other Connecticut rivers to choose from.