Easton Connecticut – A Wonderful Living Experience

Easton Connecticut – a small town in Connecticut. With only three hundred residents it seems that this small town could be swallowed up in the big bad world, but it is not. In fact it is a great place to live, especially if you love animals. There are more than three hundred animal rescue groups in Connecticut, but Easton is one of the most prominent and successful at doing what they do best – saving pets. Easton has five shelters for cats and four for dogs.

Easton Connecticut is a small town that lies entirely in the northwestern part of the state of Connecticut, bordering Rhode Island. Home to award winning educational facilities, more than thirty working farms, and even with half of its land untouched forever, Easton Connecticut has much to offer to those who enjoy getting closer to nature. The original Dutch settlement of the town of Easton was built on a spit of land that separates the Penobscot and Rhode Island rivers. The history of this early settlement can be traced back to the iron age of the seventeenth century, when it was primarily a gold-mining center.

Today Easton is still a thriving community, rich in cultural heritage and natural beauty. When traveling through the towns of Easton you will see spectacular views of the Connecticut River and the Littleton River. In the summer the town offers activities such as the annual summer film festival. Throughout the year numerous festivals celebrate things such as free soul food, agriculture, arts, history and education. Many local and national corporations sponsor events that bring people together to celebrate life. Some of the events include the Jazz Festival in the Town of Easton, the Connecticut Surf Festival, the New Haven Film Festival, the CT Sunshine Festival, and the New England Outdoor Film Festival.

The town of Easton has been known for some of the finest homes in the nation. The town’s main thoroughfare, Main Street, is lined with fine restaurants and other businesses. Several private residential communities are available, such as Wethersfield, Woodbury, Fairfield, and Lisbon. Mostpg Class A, C and D schools are located in the town of Easton.

Easton is a vibrant town, known for its restaurants and shopping centers. It is also known for being home to one of the largest concentrations of medical doctors in the state. Doctors who work in the hospitals in this town range from those who work in the emergency rooms to physicians who perform surgery. The two hospitals that are located in the town of Easton are the Fairfield Hospital and the Wethersfield Hospital. In addition to the above mentioned hospitals, several outpatient clinics, family treatment centers, nursing care facilities and other mental health and wellness organizations can be found in the town of Easton.

As previously mentioned, the town of Easton is home to several large employers. Names such as Verizon Communications, Microsoft, Bell Atlantic, Viacom and AmeriGlobespan are a few that can be found here. Names such as these ensure that the town of Easton will remain competitive in the business community. Several new schools have recently been built, including theicked school and the new technology school. The Connecticut School of Optometry has also recently come to town, bringing the name of the state’s eye doctor to a close.

The reason that Easton has become so well known throughout the country can be attributed to the fact that it is located on a high and picturesque hill located in the middle of Connecticut. Easton is also right off of the scenic Fox River. This natural setting and the nearby picturesque wilderness have made this town the ideal location for travelers, vacationers, families and anyone else interested in old western culture. The entire town is indeed steeped in history, with many early American settlements being located here.

Located in the heart of Easton Connecticut, the towns of Easton and Greenwich are considered to be Connecticut’s Central Business Districts. The proximity of both towns to one another and the proximity of the Connecticut line all combine to make Easton Connecticut a desirable place to live. Real estate values and income levels are extremely high, and the median income in this town is second only to Manhattan, New York.