East Lyme Co., CT – A Natural and Beautiful Place to Visit

Connecticut is known for many things, and one of them is East Lyme Connecticut. Located just south of New London, Connecticut, this city is a popular travel destination for those seeking to explore the surrounding natural beauty as well as historical aspects of Lyme. There are numerous bed and breakfast inns located within walking distance of the various attractions in the town, making it easy to find the right lodging for your vacation needs. Here’s a look at some of the historical and natural sights that you can enjoy in this scenic part of the Connecticut River Valley.

East Lyme Connecticut

Legend has it that the Pilgrims landed at what today is known as Lyme Village on the shores of Connecticut Bay. Here they built what is today known as the Village of Locust Street, which served as a ferry terminal and a location for the first public school in the town. A small market was also held on the site for items sold by local merchants.

Today, Lyme is a thriving town with a population of around thirty-two thousand. It is a popular tourist destination due to its pleasant scenery and varied culture. This town developed over a century ago as a farming community, and today there are a number of heritage sites that can be explored. The springtime and fall are the most popular times of the year, but the town has several winter tourist destinations as well.

In East Lyme, nature is known to play a large role in the landscape. Ponds and streams abound in the area, both within the boundaries of the town and in nearby areas. Within the town limits, secluded coves and cliffs provide fishermen with excellent opportunities to catch fish. Two lakes, Deer Lake and Buzzard Creek, are connected to the town by a causeway that was built in the early 1900’s. The lakes are filled with water for trout fishing, while the ponds hold a variety of rainbow trout, bass, musky, walleye, and catfish.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Lyme offers plenty of outdoor activities. In the spring and summer, boating and fishing are popular. In addition, the Connecticut River provides access to the Connecticut River Gorge, which boasts several paddle boating outfitters. Several hiking paths and treks through wooded areas surround the town.

If you are looking for night life, East Lyme has many options. Connecticut is full of entertainment options. Several pubs, restaurants, and bars can be found throughout the towns. The West End Bar & Grill is a locally owned pub that features live music, beer, and wine. Other popular bars include the Anchors Inn and Comfort Inn.

To truly experience nature at its best, it is necessary to hike some of the trails. Many of these trails can be found within the National Park. These trails give hikers an up close look at the natural environment of Lyme. During the winter, hunters can take advantage of the deer campsites in the area. Other activities in the park include bird watching, nature trails, and snowmobiling.

East Lyme is a charming town with friendly people. It is a good place to take the family for a day or two and enjoy nature at its best. The people are very welcoming and will help you feel at home no matter where you decide to spend your time. East Lyme has more than just the wonderful scenery to enjoy; it also has a lot to offer for nature lovers of all ages.

Another way to experience nature in the East Lyme area is by taking a nature trail. These trails give a scenic look at the surrounding countryside. Some of the trails even lead to private country clubs and golf courses. Others provide a challenging path for those who enjoy hiking or biking. There are paths to follow through the forest as well as open fields where one can view wildlife.

Those who like to fish can head out to the streams and lakes located around the town. A local fishing shop is located on a site where one can purchase various types of bait. Other nature attractions include the historic St. Edwards House museum. This museum allows people to experience life in the Tudor era. This history museum is filled with pictures from history showing the people of East Lyme and the surrounding area.

If one is looking for a unique vacation spot, then vacationing in East Lyme Connecticut may be the perfect choice. Vacationing in this area gives individuals the chance to experience nature and to have a chance to observe wildlife. This peaceful and beautiful location makes it a great place to take a break from busy city life. East Lyme is a wonderful place for all to enjoy.