Durham Connecticut

Durham, Connecticut is a beautiful city in the southern part of Connecticut. It is located near the state line in New Hampshire. Durham is also a town on the Coginchaug River, in central Connecticut. The population in 2021 was 7,396. The town holds the annual Durham Fair, an enormous annual agricultural fair.

The city is served by three major rivers – Brattle, Kennebec and Winthrop. The city was named after General George Cockburn, who is from Durham, a family owned farm in what is now Durham, CT. The name is pronounced “day-coon” which means “of the day”. The original settlement was on the Brattle River which flows through Litchfield, CT.

The University of New Hampshire – Durham, CT has an FM signal. The earliest known FM station was established at what is now Durham’s airport. The earliest time period for a durham radio signal is not clearly known. However, it is assumed that the signal was first initiated at least by the end of WW II.

The City of Durham is served by two major television stations, WREX (WBN), and WPXI (WFLX). There are also several small news channels, mostly affiliate based, which provide a variety of local programming. Several television news programs broadcast from a studio in Durham, CT. The most popular one is WCBD – which is owned by Durham Broadcast Corporation.

Another owned and operated radio station is WCAU (WBFO – Durham Public Access TV). It is affiliated with the University of New Hampshire and WVIT – Western Connecticut State University. WCAU broadcasts from its studios in Durham, CT. The other owned and operated channel is WVIT – from its studios in Manchester, CT. Both of these stations broadcast from exactly the same studios.

There are three additional un-affiliated stations, which broadcast from studios in New Hampshire. They are WBCI (W Becker Television), WLVI (WLVI – Wake Up Times), and WFNZ (W Broadcasting Network). All of them are licensed to operate by the same caps and limitations as the above-mentioned channels. However, their performance and coverage are slightly different from those of the aforementioned three stations.

There is another local Durham cable company, WOWT – which owns and operates two television stations. Those stations are WTVD – owned and operated by WOWT’s parent company, Cumulus Media, and WVIT – owned and operated by WVIT’s parent company, Durham Broadcast Group. Both of those companies are entirely separate from the publicly traded WCAU which is merely itself a private company with ownership shares in both WTVD and WVIT. Both WTVD and WVIT are included in the Durham CT broadcast group along with several other publicly traded companies.

Cumulus owns and operates five television stations in the area including WCXN, WZL, WECT, and WCXS. It also owns and operates three radio stations. Among the five radio stations WECT is the only one which is actually owned and operated by the city of Durham in the entire state of North Carolina. WECT broadcasts from its studios in Durham, NC. The other two stations are WBCI and WLVI. Both of those stations broadcast from exactly the same studios as well.

Also among the publicly traded businesses in the area is the Capstar CT Broadcaster Company. Among its owned stations is the WSBW – a digital audio terrestrial radio station that is owned by the Capstar TX Limited Partnership. In addition to that it is also affiliated to the Wake Up Nation Network. WECT has been airing gospel, jazz, and Christian music as well as sports talk programming in many markets including Durham and Chapel Hill. Its other affiliates are WPCI and WVIT. WNCX is an Atlanta-based independent radio station that offers talk programming and has affiliates in Charlotte and Raleigh as well.

The second-largest publicly traded company in the Triangle is WSCR – a General Electric Company owned company that is the parent company for Capital Radio and WBUR. Capital Radio is a premier station in the state, providing a number of local talk programs including a business talk radio. Capital Radio is affiliated to several other stations including WCXN – a syndicated news talk show that is heard throughout the state, a school talk program, a sports talk show, and a weekend brunch program. Another parent company, WCFX, owns and operates five broadcast radio stations that include a high power TV station, a Christian-oriented AM station, a Spanish language radio station, and a morning talk show. A substantial portion of the funds from the sale of these properties comes from the subscription fees and balance from the equity held by the capstartx limited partnership.

The third publicly traded company in the area is Bluehost. It owns and operates three local news AM and FM talk programs as well as a finance and community based talk radio. The talk shows, which originate in Des Moines, Iowa, can be heard on WCNC and Sirius satellite channels. Bluehost is also affiliated with the NCIS network and XM satellite channels.

The last publicly traded company is Greenfield Communications, which owns and operates five television stations including one satellite channel. The majority of the money Greenfield earns comes from the affiliate fees it receives from the various affiliate programs it works with including Weight Watchers, The Honest Tea Guys, and the Weight Management Guide. The company holds the majority share of the national market for national advertiser space and is the primary provider of pay per view television advertising. Greenfield also holds the exclusive rights to sell NCIS: Cyber Series episodes.