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Thompson is a small rural town in Windham county, Connecticut, the state’s largest. The town is named after Sir Robert Traish, an English landed landlord. The original population was 9,812 at the last census. The population has been growing ever since it was named. In addition to the more than five hundred shops and businesses, the town now has, it is also home to several colleges, one of which is Colgate University.

Thompson Connecticut

The history of Thompson dates back to the eighteenth century. Several windham county land grants were granted to individuals and families in the area including the first store in the state, a grist mill and a saw mill. William Thompson was born in this community and later became known as the town of Windham. It was from this town house that the Windham clan settled. The current name of the town house, located on top of the hill where Thompson Hall was located, was changed in the late nineteen seventies to honor Thompson’s wife, Bertha.

In the late nineteenth century, business men and merchants started to move into the Windham area, which was located on the banks of the Connecticut River. As the area became more developed, it became even more important to attract new businesses and residents. With the support of the citizens of Windham county, the town of Thompson began to prosper.

Many of the early business men of the area were farmers. One of these was Capt. William Thompson. Because of his love of cows he decided to construct an orchard on the hills overlooking the town of Thompson. Thompson residents voted to name the orchard “captains stiles”. This was because Thompson was a captain in the army and needed a way to access his farm every day without having to climb up the hill every day. After building the first of what would become known as windbreaks, Capt. Thompson began supplying the Windham county with hay and grain.

The third phase of development for the Windham County economy occurred when there was an abundance of wood on the south shore. In addition, because there were no roads in West Suffolk County at that time, transportation was an issue. Because of this, many people who had homes in Connecticut would commute to the Windham area on weekends. By the end of the nineteenth century there were about 3,730 households that lived in the Windham community. Today, Windham is still a thriving community with approximately 1,500 residents.

There are many differences between Windham and Thompson Connecticut. However, the larger city of Thompson has one of the largest percentages of non-citizens than any other city in Connecticut at over twenty percent. Another difference between the two cities is that Thompson is a town that is not connected to the rest of the state. As such, Thompson Connecticut has one of the largest populations of non-citizens of any town in the entire state.

Tourtellotte, Connecticut is also a smaller town that lies between Windham and Thompson Connecticut. Like Thompson, Tourtellotte is a small town that has a large percentage of non-citizen residents. However, unlike Thompson and Windham, Tourtellotte is connected to the rest of the state by a high quality railroad line that runs through much of the town and connects it to New Haven. Additionally, unlike Thompson and Windham, Tourtellotte was originally built as a depot for grain.

The town of Thompson is known for its historic context. It is also noted for its beautiful landscapes and rural living. Tourtellotte is noted for its age-old historical buildings. The town of Tourtellotte and its connection to the rest of the state via the railroad are notable factors to take into consideration when planning a trip to this historic area.