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Sherman is the smallest and northernmost town of Fairfield County, Connecticut. The population was only 3,581 in the 2021 census. The town was established in 18102 from the north part of New Fairfield, Connecticut. A small college, North Hadley College, is located in the city.

Sherman was one of the towns that voted to secede from CT to form the state of Connecticut in 1770. CT was then considered to be a territory of Priscilla. Sherman is the only town in the state of Connecticut to have a post office, which is a significant factor when it comes to population ranking. The only other cities with post offices are in New London, Connecticut; Hampton Bays, Connecticut; West Springfield, Massachusetts; and Litchfield, Massachusetts.

The town of Sherman has many attractions for residents. Visitors can find a National Historic Landmark and a National Science Education Center in Sherman. The National Maritime Center in New London is also in the area. The town has several museums, including a historical museum and an environmental museum. The Sherman Center for the Arts, which serves as a public art gallery, is located in Sherman town.

Homes are generally priced on the higher side in Sherman due to the influx of families who stay there. The houses are generally built on higher levels and sell for more than they would in other parts of CT. The average cost of a CT home is around two hundred thousand dollars. In contrast, homes in Fairfield County are generally less expensive. The average cost of a Fairfield house is around eighty thousand dollars.

The average commute time for people in Sherman is thirty-two minutes. The state average commute time is only 23 minutes. This means that people living in Sherman will be the fastest to get from point A to point B. Only New London and Connecticut towns with bigger population densities have faster commute times. People will save money by living in one of these two cities instead of Sherman.

When it comes to schools, Sherman is ranked between twenty-sixth and twenty-eighth in the state of Connecticut. The schools in the area are ranked between eighth and twentieth in the U.S. This means that Sherman will have a higher school performance score than most cities in Connecticut. Schools in the area are ranked at or above the national average. This means that students in Sherman will perform better than students in most other cities in Connecticut.

There are many attractive reasons why people choose to live in Sherman. The proximity to New York City makes it a desirable place to live. The town is also very close to the Washington-New York ferry, which can be used to get students to college in New York City. People living in Sherman can enjoy a variety of activities, whether they want to go fishing, play golf, or take a bicycle ride. A quick drive down I-95 to New York City gives anyone in the family plenty of things to do and see. A CT student who lives in Sherman can participate in a variety of community service programs as well.

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