Cromwell, Connecticut – A View on Its Early American History

Cromwell Connecticut

Cromwell, Connecticut – A View on Its Early American History

Cromwell is a thriving community in underserved northeastern Connecticut, a part of the tri-state area that includes New Haven and Norwich. It is home to many of Connecticut’s cultural and historic attractions. The median income is close to the national average and the average property value is higher than the national average. The city’s tax base is primarily rural, reflecting the quality of life that is characteristic of the area.

A quick look at the national average and a detailed living comparison of Cromwell Connecticut will reveal some strong positive aspects of this Connecticut town. Cromwell is a safe, secure community. The national average for violent crimes is one of the lowest in the country. The crime rate is not much different from the national average, but this underlies the fact that it is considered a safe place to live.

A quick look at Cromwell’s demographics will reveal some positive aspects of the community as well. There are strong populations of minorities and low-income families. The school district is considered to be relatively well-heeled compared to other towns in the tri-state area. A Cromwell moving company can make the decision of where to live an easy decision for those who are considering a move to this Connecticut town.

A major draw for both international and domestic tourists is the town’s proximity to New York City. Cromwell is only about a three hour drive to Manhattan from the International Opera House in New York City. Those who want to experience Broadway in Connecticut will find that there are many theaters in and around Cromwell. The most famous theater in town is the Adelphi Theater. It has been running regularly since the 1970s.

While many towns in Connecticut have been hit by the loss of the regional shopping center, Cromwell still has its own mall. The Cromwell Centre Mall offers a great selection of restaurants, specialty shops, movie theaters, and other family attractions. Those who enjoy shopping will appreciate the central location of the mall to Cromwell and the hundreds of new stores and restaurants.

Many residents in Cromwell are extremely liberal, especially when it comes to social issues. A recent documentary about a town called Cabin Town highlighted this fact. The movie documented life in one of the more politically correct towns in middlesex county, Cromwell. Many citizens in the town were quoted as saying that they felt very comfortable living in the lap of moderation. Residents were noted for their frequent votes and statements supporting certain candidates. For instance, one resident said that he believed in gay rights and gay marriage.

Many citizens in Cromwell did not even bother to vote in the last five elections for mayor and other city council positions. This is unusual in Connecticut, where primaries are open to everyone and turnout is always high. Many experts believe that this could be due to the fact that many of these residents may be closet homosexual voters. Even if they were registered as voters, they may have stayed home on election day out of fear of being upset or hurt by the political rhetoric. Others simply didn’t feel like bothering to vote in the primary.

Those who live in Cromwell are often proud of their town residents have taken steps to preserve the town’s historic nature. One of the many activities that these residents participate in is an annual Arts Festival that brings local artists and musicians to town to perform and for which the townspeople pay a lot of money. Of course, the town also hosted an important political party this past June. The main street was closed to traffic and all commercial stores were closed as well.