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Cornwall Connecticut

Cornwall Connecticut Homepage

Cornwall Connecticut is a picturesque rural community in Litchfield County located in southeastern Connecticut. The town of Cornwall has a total population of about three hundred and seventy. The last two decennial censuses placed the number at two hundred fifty and one hundred fifty respectively. The median family income in 2021 was forty-three thousand dollars and the percent of population that being married was eleven percent.

Cornwall Connecticut’s ten mile long lake borders the town on one side and on the other side are the barrier island known as Penobscot. This island contains Cornwall’s only lighthouse, which was destroyed during a storm in 1916. According to the records the wind blew a powder keg into the lighthouse keeper’s office, but this account may be debatable because no damage was reported. Regardless Cornwall Connecticut has long been a cultural hub of sorts and one of America’s first towns to incorporate the principle of local control into its governance. The early town fathers of Cornwall relied upon trading and farming as means of supporting themselves and their families.

A look at Cornwall’s historical growth and development along with a look at the latest census data reveals that the second smallest of all the places in the surrounding region showed a growth of fifteen percent over the last five years. This growth was comprised of a thirty-two percent increase from the original registered population of fifteen and a half thousand in the last five years. Cornwall Connecticut’s downtown area saw a growth of twenty-six percent. This includes a twenty-one percent increase from the number of individual units that were added to the market. In addition there is an increase of fourteen percent from the number of hotel units.

When it comes to real estate values in Cornwall Connecticut the city of New Haven and the town of New Cornwall top the list with an adjusted rate of ten percent over five years. The town of New Cornwall shows a higher adjusted value of twenty-four thousand dollars compared to its next closest neighbors. The next highest value in this section of the greater Cornwall region is the town of Barrington at only eleven thousand dollars.

A look at the latest census figures for Cornwall Connecticut shows the following data. The city of Cornwall has a total population of eleven hundred and sixty-one people. The per capita income of this city is forty-three thousand dollars. Cornwall’s second highest town, New Britain, has a per capita income of only eleven thousand dollars. This town is the fifth lowest ranked in the entire state of Connecticut.

A look at the latest Cornwall Connecticut population data shows that this town has one of the largest proportions of single women within its entire metro area community. The single women population in this town is approximately four hundred and fifty. The national average figure for single women is twenty-two percent. This data was provided by the national source of population estimates called the Census microdata.

When you look at figures that depict the number of married men versus single men in a given area, you will discover that Cornwall has a considerably smaller proportion of married men than any other town in the entire state of Connecticut. The national figure depicts a married man ratio of eighty-nine percent versus only seventy-three percent of single men. A figure like this, when compared to the marriage statistics of the United States, provides a point of comparison. Cornwall and New Britain, two of its neighboring towns, display a significantly higher proportion of married men than the national average.

The fifth most populous city in the entire state of Connecticut is New London. The national figure depicts a much higher percentage of foreign-born individuals within its metropolitan area than any other city in the entire state. A statistic like this provides a means of comparing the culture and language of foreign born individuals within a given locale. A city with a high percentage of foreign-born individuals may appear to be isolated on a national scale, but if you look deeper into the cultural and linguistic patterns of foreign-born individuals you will discover that Cornwall Connecticut is actually quite cosmopolitan and diverse. The second largest city in this particular state is also found in the southwestern part of the state, which is why it receives the designation of having the fifth most populous metropolitan area in the entire country.