Consider an Outdoor Vacation in Plainville Connecticut

Plainville Connecticut

Consider an Outdoor Vacation in Plainville Connecticut

Plainville Connecticut is located along the Hudson River and is bordered on one side by Connecticut and on the other by New York. It is part of the Washington Division of Parks and Recreation. Plainville is the seat of the city council of Plainville Connecticut. The population in Plainville is 17,716 in the 2020 census.

A tour of Plainville will reveal that it is the seat of one of the oldest communities in the state of Connecticut. The original settlement of Plainville started out as a hunting and trading point for New England settlers. The Connecticut River passes through the center of Plainville and the city’s center is known as the “Pinnacle Rock.” Every year, from early May to late June, visitors can experience the fun and excitement of a huge hot air balloon festival.

Visitors can take part in activities like canoeing, mountain biking, and hiking and many other outdoor activities while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. The Hot Air Balloon Festival is held annually from mid-June through mid October. Thousands of people participate in the colorful hot air balloon festival. The centerpiece of the festival is at the Metacomet Ridge trail head, which is about thirty minutes from Plainville.

The Plainville Fire Company has a long standing history and serves a great service to the community. The company operates four fire stations and offers maintenance services for home and business owners. The Metacomet Ridge trail head and Amc Plainville store are two of the places that customers visit. The store sells a variety of outdoor equipment, camping gear, and gifts. The company also offers a Hot Air Balloon Festival each year where families and children get to enjoy an adventure while watching the spectacular balloons soaring over the mountains.

The Bradley Mountain Zoo is another attraction in Plainville. The zoo has a long running tradition of featuring exotic mammals and reptiles. This includes the American Alligator, Northern Painted Lady, and Brown Recluse. Many of the animals have lived in the area for centuries. The Bradley Mountain Zoo features a reptile house, bird house, cave and picnic area.

Surrounded by the stunning Bradley mountain landscape and the Connecticut River on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other, the quaint town of Plainville offers a lot for visitors. The historic district of Plainville is filled with restaurants, gift shops and bed & breakfast inns. On top of all these activities, the New England Aquarium and the Plainville Fire Company offer entertainment for everyone.

If you enjoy horseback riding or camping, the northern portion of Plainville is the perfect place for you. The district of Winnetu is very close to the cities of New Britain and Woodbury. You can easily drive to the towns of Plainville, New Britain or Woodbury, and still be in riding distance of your home. A good example of a horseback riding trail is the Trans-Lakes Trail, which follows the border of New Hampshire and Connecticut. There are also tracks that can be accessed from the Bradley race track. Camping is very popular in this region of Plainville, and there are a variety of places to stay in the area.

The largest park in Plainville is Metacomet State Park. Located on the eastern border of Plainville, Metacomet boasts twenty miles of trails ideal for equestrian enthusiasts, as well as hikers and campers. The park also offers picnic areas and nature walks, as well as beautiful gardens. Summer concerts in the park to draw thousands of visitors.

Another excellent choice for those looking for a unique Connecticut experience is the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail traverses forty-two miles of the Connecticut shoreline, through woods, streams, lakes, and other stunning natural scenery. In addition to the Appalachian Trail, a beautiful twenty-one-mile trail, called the Twilight Trail, is also available. The views and wildlife along the trail have been described as breathtaking by those who have hiked it. For a truly amazing experience, consider a night hike of the Appalachian Trail, or a day trip to the Metacomet Trail, one of the few horseback trails within Connecticut.

The Plainville Connecticut tourism office has many more attractions to offer tourists. They offer information about the surrounding area, such as history, maps, brochures, and more. It is possible to book a hotel in Plainville, or even rent a cabin or vacation home if you prefer to stay close to home. Many vacation rentals are available throughout the town. Hotels in Plainville are often conveniently located near shopping, dinning, movie theatres, and other attractions.

No matter what your interests, from outdoor activities to shopping, nature, or history, you will find that there is plenty to do in and around Plainville. You may even want to take a weekend getaway and visit the world renowned Plainville Museum & Garden, which was founded in 1873. Besides the Plainville Connecticut hotels and vacation homes, you may also want to visit the state park that encompasses the Hartsfield County property. While there, you can explore the foothills of the George Washington National Forest.