Chester Connecticut – A Relaxing and Beautiful Place

For those who love the taste of good food and a taste of history, Chester Connecticut is a great place to be! The state capital is a feast for the senses. Here you will find old churches, beautiful flower gardens, stately homes surrounded by massive stately mansions and parks that are as beautiful as the best tourist attractions anywhere in the country! And, of course, the picturesque New River Gorge to enjoy as you glide along on your lazy river ride across the Glass House Mountains!

Of course the winters in Chester are cold and harsh, but the summers are warm and comfortable – as they should be in a state such as this. The weather in Chester is what the people love about the state – a lot of sun! There are many wonderful things to do in and around Chester. While some people enjoy running along the shore or checking out the various beaches that dot the state, others can spend their days wandering the endless shops, galleries, museums and other interesting buildings that line the Connecticut shoreline. Who knows – you might fall in love with a little area you never thought of before!

For those who love hiking, venturing into the wilderness can be an adventure like no other. If you have never been hiking, you will want to give it a try one of these days. Or if you are new to the idea, there are several clubs, organizations, and facilities in Chester that will teach you everything you need to know about hiking and be able to lead you safely out into the wilderness. These clubs and associations can also help you get started with your own hiking adventure in Chester!

Vacationing in Chester Connecticut is also a way to experience what all of the other Atlantic states have to offer! You can explore the state by water. You can rent a kayak or float down the Connecticut River with your family and friends. You can go sailing or whale watching. There are so many lovely vacation spots in Chester to take advantage of.

While at Chester, one can also check out the Aquarium & Marine Science Center. You can walk through the exhibits and take in the sea creatures that are native to this area of the country. You can learn a bit about nature as well as how animals interact with each other in the wild. This is definitely a “you’ve got to see it to believe it” type of place. What a wonderful educational experience!

For entertainment, why not try rollerblading through the snow-capped hills of Connecticut? It’s both thrilling and relaxing! You can even take lessons in skiing at one of the resorts in Chester. Not only is winter fun, but it’s also a great way to end your vacation in style!

Booking a summer family vacation to this part of Connecticut is also simple. Most hotels and inns have weekly specials that feature specials just for families. The Charles Water Company in Chester Connecticut offers discounts on hot tubs, ice cream, soft drinks, movies, and more! The Hard Rock Park in West Springfield is another great place for entertainment.

Chester Connecticut is truly a unique vacation spot! Not only does it have stunning scenery, but it’s also got something for everyone. Whether you love water sports, ice cream, or shopping, there’s a spot for you in Chester. Best of all, it’s all within an hour of New York City! No wonder why so many visitors come here each year! Plan to visit soon!