Bozrah Connecticut – A Town That Is Located on the Chesapeake Trail

Bozrah is a townsite in Connecticut, United States where you can enjoy the charm of Old Europe. The town’s population has been well over 2,000 at the last 2020 census. Bozrah has three main villages: Fitchville, town center; Leffingwell, on Route 82; and Gilman, an industrial town along Fitchville Road. You can also find residential homes and condos in Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts at this location. Many people in the region to buy or rent vacation homes and seasonal rentals at this location.

Bozrah Connecticut

A Bozrah CT real estate search will give you access to seasonal rentals, second home homes for rent or sale, luxurious estates with great views of the mountains, and cottages with swimming pools all within easy reach of one another. According to the 2020 census, Bozrah is one of the top towns in the state for the number of residents over twenty-one years old who live in two or more bedrooms. The national average age is 35, according to the 2020 census data. People who are young at heart and in good health can find comfort in living in Bozrah.

Bozrah CT real estate offers many things to do and places to see. There is a multitude of entertainment, dining, and shopping venues in the town in New London County. The National Park is just two blocks away. Outdoor activities abound in Bozrah and its nearby townsites. There are horseback riding, golfing, tennis, hiking, bicycling, boating, and deep sea fishing available. There are even a bowling alley and ice-skating rink for the winter months.

Bozrah CT real estate offers three main residential neighborhoods, connecting three rivers Road, connecting North Hunting Place to East Manchester Street, and connecting East Manchester Street to Old Saybrook Street. In these neighborhoods, you will find Town Hall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and City Hall. You also have a municipal airport with commuter train services to New York City, Boston, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. Businesses and other attractions abound in this town, which is located on the banks of the Connecticut River.

Bozrah CT real estate offers housing development opportunities to families and individuals alike. Bozrah has developed itself into a popular destination for tourists and visitors who travel to Connecticut for business and pleasure. It offers convenient locations to all of the areas that travelers visit in the state of Connecticut.

The town of Bozrah is approximately twenty-three miles from New London County in the state of Connecticut. The approximate population in the town of Bozrah is one hundred ninety-seven thousand. The cities of Greenwich, West Greenwich and Suffield are nearby, while the towns of New London, Connecticut and New Haven are within a short distance. The 2020 census reports that there are currently thirty-two families or individuals who reside in the towns of Bozrah, Greenwich, West Greenwich and Suffield. This information was released by the town of Bozrah in Connecticut in January of 2020.

The towns of Bozrah, Connecticut and New London, Connecticut are located in the central part of the state of Connecticut. This part of the state is known as the “Green Mountain State.” In 2020, the Green Mountain State ranked sixth in the nation for its economy as ranked by the Fair Isaac Research Corporation. The town of Bozrah is located at the confluence of the Cross River and Bear River, which means that the town is directly in the path of the Connecticut River. This makes the town of Bozrah a very convenient location for any business-related events or meetings.

With a per capita income of just under four thousand dollars, the median household income in Bozrah is above the national average of just over two thousand dollars. There are also a wide variety of job opportunities in Bozrah, as the area is very dependent upon the Chesapeake seafood market. There are also many government jobs available in the areas of tax preparation and public assistance in the communities of Suffield, New London and West Greenwich.