Bolton Connecticut – Where the Game is King!

Bolton Connecticut is a modest housing town in Tolland County, Connecticut. It is largely residential with a mixed economy consisting mostly of small manufacturing companies. The average high school has between thirteen and thirty students in each grade. The total population was four,98 as of the 2020 census.

The closest major city to bolton is New Haven, which is approximately forty miles to the southwest. Inhabited since the seventeenth century, Bolton is an historic village. The original homes were built by German immigrants who settled in the area. Some of the original buildings are still standing including the Court House on North Broadway Street. Other historic sites include the Old Parish Church, Bolton Street Church, Bolton Place Hotel, Bolton Square Park and the Statehouse.

The western part of the town is bordered by the Connecticut River to the west and the Connecticut River to the south. To the north are the two large hotels, Water Street Hotel and the Holiday Inn. Water Street is the location of the American Museum of Natural History and the Holiday Inn is known for its fine dining. The shopping district, located downtown, is considered one of the best in Connecticut. The channel connecting the two rivers, known as the New London branch, is called Court Street.

The New London river begins at the southern tip of Bolton. Water flowing from the Atlantic Ocean flows through the channel connecting the two rivers. To the north are the numerous marinas, shops, restaurants, and public buildings. There are boathouses in the channel for the use of the public. To the south are the channel locks and dams that connect the New London and New Haven Rivers.

The City of Bolton comprises a total of eight municipalities. These are Danbury, Westhampton, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Woolwich, Greenwich, and Westport. The towns are served by three bridges, including the bridge connecting the New London and Connecticut rivers. The towns of Bolton, Westport, and Danbury are the gateway communities to CT. CT residents or visitors visiting these towns will be exposed to the rich history of Bolton, Inc., the world’s oldest insurance company. The history of the company dates back over a century, when it was incorporated in 1834.

Bolton Television, located in the center of town, is the station that carries the CT broadcast signals. Bolton also serves as the headquarters of The Bolton Company, a publicly held communications and entertainment conglomerate. The Company owns a number of CT properties, including The Bolton Theater and The Bolton Lanes, an entertainment complex on the Lanes. FM stations are syndicated through The Bolton Television Network. The FM stations include WIIFM, 101.3 FM, and KYWG, as well as other general category music.

As for The Bolton Company, the owner is Peter C. Bolton, who is the former publisher of The Boston Globe. Peter C. Bolton is also the founder of The Bolton Theater, which is located in the heart of the city. Bolton Television shares its ownership with The Bolton Theater Company, a member of the CT Society for Consumer Broadcasting, and The Bolton Theatre Association. Bolton Entertainment Company manages the production of all local events. The CT Sports Network broadcasts all CT games, both football and basketball, through its stations. CT is the home of the American Football League’s New England Bills and the National Tourister Company’s New York Knights.

The satellite television system broadcasts both football and baseball games, but it is The Bolton Theater which receive the majority of local viewers. The Bolton Theater and its sister theaters are owned and operated by The Bolton Group of Companies, a publicly held communications and entertainment conglomerate. The owner of The Bolton Theater is John R. Bolton, Jr., who is also the president and chief executive officer of The Bolton Group of Companies. It should be noted that The Bolton Company owns and operates both a television station and an online television network.