Before And After Bathroom Remodeling

Lessons can learn from before and after bathroom remodel projects done by other homeowners. Did they put in the right color paint, added enough lighting, fixed the leaks and other plumbing issues? Did they put quality cabinetry in the shower area? If not, then they did not or could not because the others did it before and the same will hold true for you.

before and after bathroom remodel

Before and After Bathroom Remodel Fixtures These days, tiles have replaced laminates and all-cured walls and tiles are used extensively for making bath flooring, countertops, shower walls and other fixtures. They added enough lighting to the entire bathroom so that it feels more comfortable. They made the room look more furnished and inviting. The fixtures now are of different shapes, sizes and colors. They are made of different materials such as ceramic, acrylic, porcelain and glass. Even now, ceramic pieces are in high demand and there are some really beautiful ones available.

Fixtures The most important components in any bathroom are the tile, fixtures, sink, toilet, tub and shower. But these parts are combined to form the complete package. The tiles are the base and foundation of the entire design. The right time can make a huge difference in your bathroom design. And, the important thing is that the tile chosen should be able to endure the different kinds of temperatures that the room experiences.

Tiles The flooring is made of various materials such as concrete, slate, linoleum etc. But the most popular and practical flooring choice is the ceramic tiles. They are stain and water resistant, and they do not chip easily. Some of the other good options include granite, quartz and soapstone.

Walk-In Showers As simple as it sounds, walk-in showers are an extremely useful addition to any bathroom. They offer an inexpensive alternative to the bathtub and, more importantly, the shower tray. You can choose from many different designs and materials. Before you begin remodeling, ask yourself whether or not your walk-in shower will fit into the space available. If it doesn’t, it’s probably time for you to upgrade to something else.

Powder Rooms is used mainly by homeowners who want to make their bathrooms as chic as those in expensive hotels. A powder room is usually a small enclosed room on the second floor of a house. This type of remodeling involves replacing the bathtub and installing tall, column-free, powder-coated windows on the walls. The plumbing for this type of room is so simple that homeowners can install it on their own.

Vanity Taps Bathtubs and vanity sinks are common fixtures in small bathrooms. It’s easy to forget about a vanity sink when you’re in a hurry or you don’t have enough room in your bathroom. Vanities allow you to store your toiletries and take a quick shower when you feel the need. Bathtubs sit beside your tub and, if you choose one with an enclosed pedestal, you won’t see the vanity unit at all. You should consider having both a vanity sink and a bathtub installed if you can’t find a large enough bathroom to accommodate both pieces.

Key Takeaway The key takeaway in any bathroom remodeling project is the contractor. Your remodeling project is only successful if the professional managing it has a plan to follow. Ask for a proposal from several contractors and compare their service, prices and guarantees before making a final choice. Make sure the proposed plan includes not only the expenses for the materials, labor and subcontractors, but also a breakdown of what you can expect during the project. Some contractors will even come to your home to give you an actual hands-on look at your space so you’ll know exactly what to expect.