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Most of us go to the bathroom first thing in the morning. Weirdly, bathrooms are one of the most noticed places in your house. Your guest will not go into your bedroom and stare at the walls, but they will most probably stare at every aspect of your bathroom when they are using it.

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If you have an old bathroom, with moldy walls, stained shower curtain, slippery and smelly bathtub and overall old and ugly bathroom, it puts a bad impression on your house. No matter how beautiful your whole house is, how clean and organised you keep your things, if your bathroom is not right, people are bound to judge you. It will also make you bad and disorganised if your bathroom is not organised and modern. Many clients complain about not having a big enough bathroom. There are so many compact solutions for your bathroom that you can easily increase the walking space in the bathroom without having to compromise on shower space, counter tops or cabinets. We have remodeled thousands of bathrooms, giving them beautiful looking well-organised bathrooms.

Having a good quality bathroom will increase our home’s value.Even if you do not wish to sell your house, having a beautiful bathroom that is remodeled to be more efficient in every way, will make you feel better about yourself. Making your bathroom well furnished may cost some money in investment, but if you are someone who wants to have every room of their house look picture perfect, ugading is definitely something you should go for. Beautiful lighting can make your bathroom more aesthetically pleasing. We can install lights that are energy efficient and illuminate your bathroom well. We can change the walls, if the tiles are old and need replacing we can do that. We can do the same with the floor. You could choose the right kind of floor for your bathroom from our catalogue. We can completely decorate the walls, floor, lighting, ceiling and other components such as shower glass, bathroom, toilet, sink, mirror, cabinets, countertop, window, etc. We will change the wiring and plumbing to save money in the long term. Your bathroom will use less electricity and waste less water with modern electric and plumbing installations.

We believe in customer satisfaction. We will show you the design of the whole bathroom before you finalise on the products making sure there is no wastage.

Connecticut Remodeling Pros have years of experience in the field of remodeling. We have remodeled thousands of bathrooms for the people of Connecticut. We work with trained and certified experts. Our are licenced and insured companies operating in Connecticut and surrounding areas. We complete our work on time. You can expect the absolute best from us. We use locally manufactured components that have proper warranty. Make your bathroom beautiful and workable with Connecticut Remodeling Pros. Our bathroom solutions are modern and inexpensive. Our mission is to provide you with goods and an expert service of high quality beyond your requirements.

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