Basement Finishing Tips

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Basement Finishing Tips

Basement Finishing Specialists provide a wide range of basement finishing services including: basement waterproofing, noise reduction, basement mold remediation, re-surfacing, and more! Superior Basement Finishing is an experienced provider of basement finishing services to residential customers throughout CT & RI, such as Greenwich, CT. are known for their dedication to delivering the best service possible and have been successful family-owned and operated ever since day one. With superior finishing services and an unmatched product selection, Superior Basement Finishing has set a standard of quality in basement finishing in both residential and commercial markets.

Man Cave: One of the most popular themes in basement remodeling, man caves are fantastic for both entertaining and creating additional living space. Basement finishing professionals at Superior Basement Finishing can help you create the perfect man cave for your home. The basement finishing process begins with an analysis of your lifestyle, incorporating multiple factors such as access to electricity, plumbing, and additional rooms that will be used by your friends and family.

After this information has been gathered from your current or previous residence, a professional team will create the perfect basement solution based on your specifications and budget. Basement finishing professionals use an extensive variety of tools to prepare your basement, beginning with a complete moisture and air quality inspection to pinpoint any moisture or mold issues. During this visit, they will also confirm whether or not any basements currently exist and assess if the basement space should require any attention to improving. Any structural problems will be addressed and the foundation drywall and insulation will be checked, cleaned, and replaced.

Once the basement space is inspected and cleaned, the entire space will then undergo a multi-step process to prepare it for installation of the basement finishing material of your choice. This will include any demolition work that needs to be done, including ceiling removal, carpet removal, and electrical installation. Walls and ceiling will also need to be prepped for any structural changes, including new walls and ceiling. Any overhead windows will also need to be removed and the entire living space will need to be emptied to create the foundation to which the finished man cave will be attached.

While all of this is going on, you might want to start planning for your ultimate dream vacation. Maybe you have a great idea for a small apartment with just the essentials – a couch, a bed, a few chairs and perhaps a table for a table top barbecue. Or maybe you’re building your dream home with an attached garage. No matter what your plans are, a professional finishing company can help you select just the right basement finishing materials, eliminating the need to go back out to purchase everything you might not have bought already. You’ll love being able to find a perfect man cave with just a few hours of work!

When selecting your basement remodeling materials, you’ll need to decide whether you want a basic bar area or a VIP bar area. A basic bar area will just be the countertop for drinks and general eating. If you have the funds, you can expand it into a wine cellar as well. A VIP bar area can include additional counters for beer and wine drinking, as well as a dart board and pool tables for gaming. You can even include a small kitchen to allow you to cook a couple of things when the other guests arrive.

Natural light is another important factor when it comes to creating your man cave. If your basement window isn’t wide enough for good natural light, you might want to use organic shutters instead. These shutters are made from a tough plastic material that can withstand wind, rain and snow, and they will allow in natural light if you choose a dark colored vinyl coating. This will keep your room insulated and keep your costs down, since the natural light won’t enter the room. Even if you don’t buy shutters, you should use thick curtains to block out any sunlight from entering through your windows.

Finally, you should make sure your basement finishing project goes along with a ventilation system for the playroom that removes any moisture that builds up. If there’s not much moisture in the basement, you won’t have to worry about mold. Mold can be a big problem in some areas, and you definitely don’t want your basement to become a hotbed for mold. You can hire someone to do a thorough ventilation job, but it’s not difficult to do it yourself with some equipment. Just make sure you have the right exhaust fans for removing excess moisture. There are many basement finishing kits that come with ductwork and exhaust fans to remove excess moisture.