An Essex Connecticut Tourist Guide

Essex Connecticut

An Essex Connecticut Tourist Guide

Essex Connecticut is a city in Middlesex County, Connecticut. The population is 6,783 in the 2021 census. It consists of three neighborhoods: Essex Village, Centerbrook, and Ivoryton. The city is bordered on three sides by the Monadnock River and on the north by the New Hampshire border. The downtown area is considered to be the cultural and entertainment center of the city. The suburbs include the towns of New London, Sudbury, West Springfield, East Springfield, West Greenwich, and Suffield.

The city is surrounded by two major rivers – the Connecticut River and the Rock River. Traveling by road will take you through Litchfield, the county seat of Essex and afterwards to the cities of New London, Sudbury, and West Springfield. You can also travel by ferry to Boston Harbor.

If you are interested in seeing several landmarks in Essex, there are some options for you. One option includes the Travelers Museum of Connecticut in New London. This tourist attraction provides an insight into the history and culture of the state of Connecticut and offers several displays and artifacts. The Natural History Museum in Essex is another good option. Here, you will be able to see several types of fossil and geologic evidence.

While there are many tourist attractions, one must not miss the top ten things to do in Essex, Connecticut. These include viewing the Fall River, a world-famous hot spot for swimmers during the summertime. The National Mall is also a popular place for tourist attractions. Finally, the New England Aquarium is located in Essex.

You will not be short of activities while you are in Essex, Connecticut. One of the top places to visit is the Travelers Museum of Connecticut in New London. Here you will get to view a variety of artifacts and see a wide array of exhibits on everything from the Ancient Egyptians to early America. The Natural History Museum in Essex is another great option. Here you will see several types of fossils and geologic evidence.

When you are in Essex, you can also enjoy a number of historic Essex hotels that are available for your lodging needs. Hotels such as the Waldorf-Astoria and the Essex House will give you the chance to experience history while staying at one of the most prestigious hotels in the country. Hotels in Essex, Connecticut will also offer you access to the truffle shots of the New England coast. In addition to the truffle shots, you will also find other historical activities including trips on the riverboat, paddle boating and the shopping that you can enjoy in this historic town.

Travelers who visit the historic Essex village will find that there are many things for them to do. There are walks and tours of the various sites located in this historic area. There are numerous restaurants in this quaint area that offer local cuisine. Of course, there are also the famous truffle.

If you are in Essex, Connecticut during winter, you may want to visit the Griswold Inn. This inn offers luxurious accommodations for people who are traveling on a budget. It is near the Essex Connecticut railroad station and you can walk to the steam train and the Essex L ferry. You can even take a trip out to Saybrook.

The fourth stop on your Essex Connecticut tour will be the town of Saybrook. This historic area is located close to the Essex railroad station and the steam train. It is also the home of the first Boston distilleries. Many of the buildings in this historic area were constructed during the 1800s. People who live in this area include some of the prominent families of America. One of them is the Johnson family.

Travelers who travel to Saybrook will find that it is a place where they can experience American history. You can go to the Essex Village of centerbrook. Centerbrook is just east of Saybrook and between the railroad and the falls river. You can take a ride on the steam train or take a hike on the nature trails.

Travelers who are looking for an inexpensive nightlife should visit the Woolwich Public House. This is located on the riverfront right next to the railroad station. This historic pub has served many clients over the years with great food, interesting drinks, and even great live entertainment. This pub is open every night including Christmas and New Year’s Eve. You will not want to miss out on this New England tradition.