A Short Vacation in Connecticut

Milford Connecticut

A Short Vacation in Connecticut

Milford Connecticut is a small city on the Connecticut River in Connecticut. It is bordered by Rhode Island to the south, Westchester and Connecticut Rivers to the west, New Haven and Rockville to the south, and New London and Greenwich counties in the northeast. Milford is a unique cross section of demographics and ethnicities. It’s a melting pot of sorts, where people from many different parts of the country and many different cultures come to live and raise their families in one community.

Milford is best known for its two magnificent parks: The Milford Park and The Haven Recreation Center. The park is on the border between Milford and New Haven. Located on the southern end of the pedestrian mall at the corner of Main Street in Milford is the Milford Park. It was designed by two former residents of the U.S. State Department, Robert Abbey and William selector. It is a vital link to the New Haven line and features playgrounds, picnic places, and two pavilions that house the Milford Community Theater and the Haven Community Theater. Across the street from the park on Beach Road is another beautiful park, the New Haven Outdoor Center.

The other significant urban center of Milford is its neighboring city of New Haven. Like New Haven, New Milford is bordered by Rhode Island to the south, Westchester and Connecticut Rivers to the north, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Both cities are densely populated and divided into distinct districts. In addition to the stately New Haven University, which is located in downtown Milford, there are a number of smaller universities such as Bowdoctors, Fordham University, and University of New Haven.

A short walk from downtown Milford, you’ll find the historic district of St. Joseph’s Cathedral. This cathedral is one of the largest in Connecticut and serves as the seat of the diocesan clergy. The Dioceses of Saint Joseph and Catholic Church is why this cathedral is a historic site, as it is where the two popes lived and where they were married. At the close of each pontificate, the bells of St. Joseph will toll to signal that the time has come for the bells to begin ringing for the next papacy.

Continuing a short walk from the historic district of St. Joseph’s Cathedral, you’ll find a unique amusement park, the Hudson Park. The park has a white water rafting experience, a submarine ride, and rides on the commuter rail line that runs through the park. For those who enjoy the outdoors, the Housatonic River is just across the street and is an ideal spot to catch a view of the Connecticut coast. On a clear day, you can even see the smoke curl up the hills of Milford Point.

To round out the entire southern end of the state, one must travel along the scenic route of the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center. The coastal center is located on the shore of Walnut Beach in Milford, Connecticut. This is a great spot to see a variety of birds and to spot a rare shark. There is also a seal watch in operation at the same time the seal watch is open at the walnut beach.

Just a short distance from the Connecticut Audubon Coastal Center is the Milford City State Park. If you like nature walks or bird watching, you are sure to have a good time walking through the many oatmeal lots in Milford. The Milford City State Park features playgrounds, picnic areas, and a paved hiking path.

The southern end of the state park features beautiful overlooks of the Milford Point Lighthouse. If you enjoy the sounds of the ocean, you will likely want to stop by the liberty park as well for a quiet moment. The overlooks of the Milford Point Lighthouse remain standing twenty-four seven due to the continuous erosion caused by the constant ocean waves. In fact, the tide level at the park increases constantly allowing visitors to stay a little bit longer than if they were visiting any other place.