A Short Summary of Clinton Connecticut Vacations

Clinton Connecticut is a charming city in Middlesex County, Connecticut. The city was settled by Heman Ely. The settlement continued on for another four hundred years and was named Clinton after him. Today the city is considered to be a tourist destination due to the busy bays of Atlantic and the beautiful sandy beaches.

Clinton Connecticut

The Clinton Memorial State Park has been designated as a national park because of its beautiful natural scenery and abundant wildlife species. The town of Clinton is also surrounded by three rivers, which flow into the Atlantic Ocean and two rivers that flow into the Connecticut River. The town of Clinton is located on the southern tip of the Connecticut Peninsula.

If you are a Facebook member living in this amazing town then you have access to all the information you will ever need. You can check out news, events calendars, and pictures posted by your friends on this page. If you want to stay updated with all the latest news about Clinton CT then become a registered user of the official state government Facebook page. This will give you quick access to various updates about the community without having to constantly log in and out of your personal account. You will also be able to post comments about local business news, events, and anything else that interests you.

In the mid eighteen hundreds, the land was purchased by Andrews and his wife Phyllis. They had eleven children and four dogs. Andrews built the present day Clinton Connecticut State House. It is an elegant structure that still stands today. In addition to the house, there is an elegant church also known as the Clinton Historical Society. The society’s main meeting place is called town hall.

Clinton Connecticut is located on the beautiful New River Green. The most notable feature of this town is the Indian river that flows through the town. Two rivers, the Connecticut River and the New River, provide water for this historic town. Because of this, the town’s population swells during the summer months and drops drastically during the winter. This is due to the power of the water and the amount of people that bathe in it each day. The Indian River provides the town’s fish supply and the towns farming economy.

When you visit Clinton, you will discover that there are a number of things to do and places to see. First of all, you can take a day trip to the Indian River and Wethers Bar Island to view the Indian Village. Another great attraction is the Clinton Ledge State Park. Here, you will view two luxury beaches and other outdoor activities. There is also the Ditchman Gallery in Ditchman where you can view paintings by some of the greatest artists in the world.

If you are looking for a family vacation then you might want to consider a golf vacation at Clinton Golf & Country Club. This club is considered to be the top golf course in Connecticut. It has a spectacular 18-hole course, which was built in 1970. There are many different ways to play this golf course including the putting, chipping, and walking the links. The price for a round of golf at this country club is less than a round at a public course.

If you want a place to where you can hike and experience nature, then you will want to visit the hammonasset town. The hammonasset town is the oldest community in Connecticut and it is also home to a popular beach. The beach features two public sandy beaches and one private ocean shore. For tourists and locals alike, this is the perfect place to go on a vacation and enjoy nature and wildlife.