A Realistic Approach to Bathroom Renovations

What would a real-life bathroom remodel be without a budget breakdown? It wouldn’t even really be a remodel, really. Just a cleaning of the existing fixtures and a move to a nicer house with better lighting would be fine. Here are some ideas on how to accomplish your bathroom dream without blowing your budget.

reallife bathroom remodel

Open shelf budget breakdown First, let’s look at the materials you will need for your custom remodel. You will need a new countertop in one color or a very pale coordinating color. This is a big improvement from the natural wood colors of the cabinets and vanities. Other changes include a new faucet, new shelves, new drawers or a medicine cabinet. The best thing about these things is that they are already stained and painted. What could be better than just adding a coat of white paint to complete the job?

The next step in your budget breakdown for the real deal is to determine what you can do with the existing bathroom fixtures. Your options include new flooring, new walls, new mirrors or medicine cabinets. If you have the money and the room, a new sink and tub combination is very nice. But if you can’t afford that, a new master bathroom remodel vanity is much more affordable than you may think.

Cabinet doors come in many different types of materials and styles. You can refinish the existing doors while still giving your bathroom a new feel. Your options include wood, laminate, brass, copper, chrome, MDF and even glass for a more contemporary look. Some people like to use one type of material for all of their bathroom cabinets, while others like to diversify by using different colors and finishes. A bathroom remodel master bathroom cabinet is a great choice if you want everything to match.

In addition to replacing your bathroom cabinets, you will also need to replace any other fixtures in the master bathroom. Whether you choose to install new faucets, toilets, showers or hand rails, these fixtures should be updated with the same lighting, material and style as your remodel budget. A master bathroom vanity unit is another popular choice that helps to complete the remodel budget. You can find anything from traditional to modern styles with a high quality, durable sink and top.

A double sink is a great addition for any master bathroom. It allows you to wash hands or face in the sink, and the additional space adds to the value of the home. But a double bathtub is also an option that will help you create the master bathroom you envision while still following your remodel budget. If you can’t fit a full size bathtub into your master bathroom remodel budget, consider installing a walk-in shower instead.

When planning a remodel project that costs more than $500, consider hiring an interior designer to help you finalize the look of your bathroom. Choosing colors and wall treatments are an important part of creating a real-life bathroom. The same goes for replacing bathroom appliances and hardware.

To complete the look of a remodel in a budget, it’s important to choose a skilled bathroom designer who can work with you and your budget. While some homeowners prefer to take on the task themselves, others find it saves time and money by working with a professional interior decorator. In most cases, a licensed bathroom renovator offers assistance from start to finish. So with a little time and effort, your real-life bathroom remodel becomes much easier than you thought possible.

Of course, if you don’t have experience with bathroom design, it’s best to leave the job to the pros. A bathroom renovation typically takes longer than other projects because of the specialized nature of the room. Working with a company that specializes in real-life bathroom remodel ensures everything is done right the first time. Plus, an interior designer will ensure your dream bathroom can be designed to your specific specifications, saving you time and money.

If you’re looking for a truly unique real-life bathroom remodel, you may want to think outside the box. Many bathroom companies offer custom solutions. While a standard installation may satisfy you, there are other options that can create a one-of-a-kind bathroom design. Take advantage of these special services by talking about your needs with the company’s designers before making a decision.

Whatever you decide, installing a bathroom in your home is a big investment. To ensure quality, work with a bathroom renovation company that offers a warranty on their work. Also, if you’re not sure what you want, be sure to discuss your ideas with the company’s designers before you move forward. You’ll be glad you did when you realize your dream bathroom is closer than you thought.