A Look at Some of the Oldest buildings in Milford Connecticut

Milford is a wonderful place to live in Connecticut. It is the gateway to New Haven and its beautiful beaches. Milford is also a very important town on the Connecticut Coast. Milford is located at the very end of the Connecticut River. Milford is part of the Golden Hill community.

Milford Connecticut

Milford is located along the southern tip of Connecticut near the town of New Haven. The population of Milford was estimated to be 53,196 in a July 2021 estimate. The town is included in the Towns of Monmouth, New London and New Haven. The town of Milford has a population of approximately six hundred thousand people.

The town of Milford dates back to the seventeenth century. The most prominent building in town is the William Street Church. This beautiful old church was designed by Christopher Columbus himself. The interior features marble and granite.

Milford has a beautiful lake that separates it from its neighbors. This small lake is surrounded by trees. You can hear the sound of birds from the nearby trees. This is because Milford Island is one of the largest and most beautiful resorts in Connecticut.

There are many historical sites in this beautiful town. The City of Milford was one of the early manufacturing communities in America. There were also a colony of Mayflower Indians here. A National Historic Landmark named After John Winthrop is located in this town.

You will find the Town Hall and Court House in standing solidly in the center of Milford. These buildings were constructed during the colonial era. There is an underground vault that is thirty feet deep and made of stone. There is over one hundred and fifty feet of water covering this vault. This water is used to filter the water supply.

There is more than one hotel in Milford. They each have their own parking lot. They offer different rates. Some are for one, some are for two, and some are for three nights. There is another hotel that is located on the grounds of the Town Hall. This hotel is called the Wabash Inn.

The Wabash Inn was built by Ephraim Wabash. He was a well known carpenter. His father built the Wabash House which stands today. One of the rooms still exists of this house.

Ephraim Wabash lived in this home until his death. It was built just after he died. The home was completely rebuilt and is the one which is open to the public.

Here are some of the other places in Milford Connecticut that you can visit. The second town that is located in this area is Norwalk. Here you will see a very nice park with an Amish compound on its grounds.

Another wonderful attraction here is the Connecticut Zoo. In this zoo you will see many animals that are native to this area. You can even walk through the animals. In this zoo you will find all types of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds and many more. The seal was recently killed at this park.

If you love history then you will love Milford. Here you will find the birthplace of Thomas Jefferson. Also in this town is where the site for the first United States Post Office was built. Here you will find the oldest known colony in North America. This town also has a museum about the life of William Penn.

If you enjoy art then you will love this town. Here you will discover the works of both renowned artists like Edvard Munch and Norwegian Woodcutters. Milford is also known for it’s theater scene. There are a couple of different theaters in town that have been known to play some of the best movies around.