A Brief History Of Stafford Connecticut

Stafford Connecticut

A Brief History Of Stafford Connecticut

Stafford Connecticut is a town in Tolland County, Connecticut; settled in 1719 by English sailors seeking a better life. The settlement was later named Staffordshire. The population at that time was only twelve,087. The town is located on the south shore of the Connecticut River and is a short distance from New London. This town was one of the first communities established by English immigrants to the Americas. It was also among the first to establish a school system.

The town has a white wooden public school named after Mrs. Lucy Stafford, a very accomplished teacher who specialized in mathematics. The school was built in 1855 and still serves students today. The high school today has two branches: the College of Education and the Science and Health Science departments. A large part of the school is designated for foreign-born students. In the lower elementary grades the foreign language portion of the curriculum is taught as well.

The other CT towns in Connecticut with large populations are Bridgeport, Fairfield, Greenwich, Glastonbury and Manchester. Manchester is the largest and most populous town of the Stafford Connecticut towns. It is bordered on one side by the Somerville line. The second largest town, Bridgeport, is located at the southern end of the Connecticut River. The towns share much of their tax dollars with the two larger towns of Greenwich and Glastonbury.

As you can see the Stafford Connecticut population data and charts reflect the fact that the state’s capital, Washington, D. C., is located about three hours north of this town. This proximity to New York City and other major cities provides residents with many opportunities. Residents can live in an affordable house on a piece of real property and be close to Connecticut’s regional colleges and universities. These colleges and universities offer affordable and quality higher education training to millions of young people each year. These young people will improve the quality of life for themselves and their families for many years to come.

If you look at some of the charts showing the average family income in the greater Stafford region you will see that the median income is slightly above the national average. This means that some families are much better off economically than others in the mid-range of other places in the state. Some areas are home to large families that have a steady income while others are made up almost entirely of single people making low incomes. It appears that while some people are doing very well economically in the greater Stafford region some people are not doing so well.

One of the main reasons why some areas are better off economically than others is because of the smaller size of the community. If you look at the two most populous towns of Springfield and Fairfield, they are much larger than the state’s largest town, Stafford. Stafford Springs also happens to be one of the newer towns in the area. The town is only about an hour and a half drive from New London and has a small population of around one hundred and fifty. Many of the older people in the town still live in the house and tend to move around quite a bit as well as work.

The historical society of Stafford Springs has been collecting photographs and information about the town for over twenty five years. You can find many pictures of the town from the early times, when it was first established as a settlement and later when the cider makers arrived on the scene around the fifteenth century. You will also find historical facts about the lives of those people who lived in Stafford Springs including the types of houses they lived in and what they did for a living. People were always working in the fields or running their own farm and would bring their entire families with them on vacation. There were very few homes for families to live in during those days and those that did have a home had little else to do other than sleep during the day and collect wood.

If you take the time to visit this historic town, you may get the chance to take part in some old fashioned days that have been preserved by the present generation. You may see how the town has changed over the years and what some of the activities are that people enjoy while they are on vacation today. The state of Connecticut also has a connection to the town of Stafford through the Old West Oil Company, which used the town as its winter storage area. Various events such as the annual “Old West Speedway Spectacular” are shown in the town and around the state all the time. This event is one of the highlights of the county and can be one of the best times to see a train in action.